Secure Connectivity for OT, SCADA & ICS

Manage access for all users, internal or external, with a single zero trust solution.

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Secure third- party users
Gain full visibility and control
Achieve compliance
Deploy and scale with ease
Reduce operational costs

Challenges to overcome

The OT sector faces significant and unique security challenges. Among them are:

Outdated Systems

Aging or outdated infrastructure and legacy systems


Patching and other best practices may not be possible

Lack of Visibility

Limited visibility across systems

Compliance Mandates

Strict regulatory compliance must be maintained

Severe Consequences

Breaches can put the environment or even human lives at risk

A new solution is needed

Organizations running OT, SCADA and industrial control systems need better visibility and stronger security. Existing products like VPNs are insufficient and reveal the need for a single secure connectivity solution that meets the needs of all users.

Our Solution

Cyolo provides the only true Zero Trust solution for OT systems, ensuring secure, frictionless access for employees as well as third party users like contractors and maintenance teams.

Special features, including supervised access and session recording, allow all activity to be approved, monitored and even recorded and audited to ensure complete visibility as well as regulatory compliance. The Cyolo solution also enables secure, zero trust access to isolated or offline networks, which is critical in OT and IIoT environments.

Finally, because no customer data ever leaves the customer’s own sensitive environment, there’s no risk of exposure – either accidental or malicious.

Our Features

Session recording
Real time supervision
Device authentication
End to end encryption

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