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Remote Access is a Huge Security Challenge

Employee credentials could be the key to your crown jewels.

With the rise of remote working and BYOD and the security and scalability issues with VPNs, it’s harder than ever to secure your data while maintaining business continuity.

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Of Breaches Involve Either Weak or Stolen Passwords

How Cyolo Connects Remote Workers to Systems Easily & Securely

Securely and conveniently connect remote users, wherever they are, to your business resources.
It couldn’t be easier to securely connect remote users through unmanaged or managed devices to applications, datacenters and their working environments – either on-prem or in the cloud.

How Your Business Will Benefit

Ensure Business Continuity

Allow employees to seamlessly and securely access any network asset remotely.

Increase Productivity & User Satisfaction

Increase productivity & user satisfaction. Give employees access that’s 30X faster than a VPN.

Improve Security Posture & Compliance

Eliminate insecure VPNs and implement continuous authorization, MFA and biometrics.

Key Features for Secure Third Party Access

Seamless Access & Setup

No more waiting for VPNs to connect or struggling with multiple tools and sites.
Remote workers can access all apps and resources instantly from one website link.
Admins can install Cyolo within minutes, without making any changes to the existing network architecture.

Auditing and Recording

Ensure compliance and security.
All user activity can be recorded, logged and easily viewed whenever needed.

Secure Signup

Use MFA & SSO for fast & secure access.
Cyolo also provides real-time user application access & control, continuous authorization and end-to-end encryption.
No sensitive data is stored on the cloud.

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Cyolo Offers All These Features and Much More

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Customer Review

Cyolo helped us to quickly adapt to a new reality of a remote workforce, with a hassle-free, speedy global implementation. We were able to ensure productivity and maintain business continuity, without compromising our security.

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