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Does Your VPN Performance Slow You Down? Here’s Why

In light of poor VPN performance, IT teams need to find faster and more secure connectivity solutions. Here’s why and what can be done.

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Zero Trust for SAP

Why & How to Secure SAP Access for BYOD with Zero Trust

SAP connectivity for remote employees and suppliers is insecure and difficult through VPNs. Read how zero trust security provides easy access to SAP & prevents data breaches.

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SSL VPN vs. Zero Trust
Blog VPN Zero Trust

SSL VPN vs. Zero Trust: Choosing the Right Solution for Remote Work

Enterprises often mistakenly choose SSL VPNs for remote work without knowing they are an unsecured perimeter-based solution. Here’s how zero trust can help.

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VPN Data Breach
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How Zero Trust Can Secure VPN Users

Pulse Secure VPN users could not log in to their organizational networks due to a bug and expired certificate. Here’s how zero trust would have kept businesses running.

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Zero Trust vs. VPN vs. SDP: Which One Should You Choose?

Zero Trust (ZTNA or ZTA), VPNs, and SDP are three of the most common cybersecurity solutions for organizations. This blog post will explain each one and when you should choose it.

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Cybersecurity risk
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Why You Shouldn’t Fully Trust Your Security Provider

Recent data breaches like SolarWinds and FireEye have proven we need to rethink our security strategy, from VPNs and perimeter-based security to zero trust. See why.

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VPN Replacement
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5 Reasons to Replace Your VPN Connection with Zero Trust

VPNs can be insecure, perform poorly and cannot answer agility needs. Zero trust can complement or replace VPNs, to reduce the attack surface.

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